BRIC Shiksha

BRIC Shiksha

Showcase your expertise and have fun!

Have a skill to share or useful tips that can benefit others? 

🎬 We invite Members in our community to create useful content via short videos, to help or educate others. Get your ideas across to your community, and beyond.

☑️ Send us your video(s) that are 2-4 minutes long, on a topic of your choice. Choose one that you know a lot about, and the audience will find useful. 

🧶 Popular topics include wellness, hobbies, skills, food or something of personal or academic interest. Anything that can be shown visually.  E.g. how to decorate a cake in 30 minutes or 5 yoga poses to help your back. And lots more.


Spotlight your skills and help your community

▶️ The purpose of the video should be to share your knowledge, not promote yourself or your business. Rest assured, a well-made video with solid tips will always give you good mileage.

▶️ BRIC will share the finished video on their Facebook and YouTube channels, as well as via WhatsApp. Your work and skills will reach not only the members of our community but also the general audience.

▶️ We will tag you by name and your business page (if the presenter is a minor who doesn’t have an FB account, we are happy to tag the parent).

How to create your video 

✔ Record your video featuring you or anything else related to your topic e.g. a garden or a kitchen. 

✔ If you’re not sure whether your topic is relevant, please email us at to check beforehand.

✔ The video should be shot in horizontal or landscape format (Not vertical)

✔ Please also fill out this short form [link] with your details, upload the video, and authorize BRIC to share. For videos with minors, parental approval is essential.

✔ BRIC reserves the right to modify the videos if needed; and reject any videos that do not match our quality or content guidelines.

⚙️More detailed video creation tips below

Smart tips to create your How-to Video!