BRIC Students Perform for the Veterans


Basking Ridge Indian Community students came together to honor and spend time with veterans at VA Medical Center in Basking Ridge on Sunday, December 16th.


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Songs like “country roads, take me home”, national anthem and John Lennon songs mesmerized the veterans who couldn’t help sway to the rhythm.


Hip-hop dancing with salutes to the veterans as a dance routine was a great way to pay tribute to all veterans who fought for us and their bravery. Everyone present enjoyed the afternoon thoroughly.


Performing for the second year, BRIC students were in full spirit of the holidays and were very successful in spreading cheer amongst the veterans. They were comfortable making conversations with them and serving them cheesecake and coffee.


A high schooler, Megana Gummadi thanked veterans for their service and made enormous contribution to our nation.

Megana said, “Without our veterans’ efforts, we would know a different America. The outcomes of the wars we fought in would be different and the reality of the world we live in today would be different.”


Diya Jain, an eighth-grader, commended the sacrifices made by the veterans.

She said, “you’ve taken on a life of hardship to bring ease to ours and fought relentlessly so we wouldn’t have to …  I thank you not for the weapons you use, but for the reason you use them. Not for your badges and medals, but for what you’ve done to earn them. Not for fighting, but for what you fight for. Your legacies will remain forever ingrained in the symbols of the United States.”


BRIC thanks Dr. Loveleen Sidhu for giving an opportunity to perform at the VA and Vandana Mehta and the team of BRIC for organizing an amazing event.

We also extend our thanks to Lux Chakrapani and Murali Rajan for providing the music, microphone system for all performances.

Participants included:

Students from William Annin Middle School :  

Suhani Jerath, Rohan Panjawani, Diya Jain, Anish Alur, Rohan Duggad, Adithya Nair, Jaiman Munshi, Maithili Ginde

Students from Ridge High School:  

Rajveer Gill, Jasmine Gill, Megana Gummadi, Kareena Swami, Sunidhi Mehta,Nishant Rajan, Janak Munshi, Akshaj Pandey

BRIC salutes all the veterans for their great service to our country.  Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year 2019. Thank you to our heroes!

Photo & Video Credit: Rakesh Dugad, Murali Rajan, Akshay Munshi

About Basking Ridge Indian Community

We are a group of Basking Ridge residents hailing from India or are of Indian descent. As Indians living in the United States, we want our children to experience our rich cultural heritage. This group has been formed to celebrate our arts, folklore, festivals, and traditions together as a community.

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