BRIC Dandiya 2023 – Event Details

Dear BRIC Community,

The excitement is building up throughout the community about the upcoming Garba Raas & Dandiya Night .

We have a great event planned for all of us to enjoy. For any event to run smoothly, some guidelines have to be followed so we request you to please take a moment to review important information listed below.

BRIC has several generous sponsors and vendors who have helped us offset the costs of organizing this grand an eventThis event would not be possible without their support. Please visit their tables and learn about them. You might find useful information and special deals! 

     VENUE & EVENT Information:

  • Location: Ridge High School (268 S Finley Ave, Basking Ridge).
  • Entrance ONLY through the main door. Side doors will remain locked.


  • Time: The event begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 11:30 pm
  • Registration Desk may close around 9 PM to allow our volunteers to enjoy the event.  Please arrive on time!
  • Arrive at the registration desk with your Printed Ticket/ OR downloaded e-tickets on your phone to collect the wristbands! Entry will NOT be permitted without tickets. Wristbands should be worn for the entire duration of the event.  
  • NO heels are allowed on the Gym floor. Remember, this is your school so please strictly abide by all the rules. 
  • Dandiya sticks will be available for sale.  Cost: $3 a pair and $5 for two pairs. Please bring change.
  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD or DRINKS are allowed.
  • No food or drinks in the gym, except bottled water. 
  • ALCOHOL is NOT permitted on the school premises (inside or outside) 


  • 6:30pm – Event starts
  • 7pm-8:15pm – start with teen (3) tali garba (Hindi Bollywood mix)  followed by two (2) tali garba – 1hr
  • 8:15-8:30 – Aarti / Prasad
  • 8:30-9pm – break, announcements
  • Dandiya (stick dance):  9:15-10:30
  • 10:30-11:30pm –  Gadi, Sanedo, Timali dance, bhangra, free dancing led by choreographers
  • Event ends:  11:30

Chand Palace is our caterer for Dandiya 2023. 

Food – We have incorporated your feedback and are changing a few things about our food service this year. Food will be served in a single-serve limited buffet style manner. Think of it as a boxed meal, but instead  of boxing, we are providing a hot meal on a plate. Please enter the line and fill up your plate ONCE. You will not be able to come back in the line for more unless you pay again.

We highly encourage you to choose the option to buy food tickets ahead of time, HERE,  to streamline the process and cut down on wait times. Food tickets will also be offered for sale at the venue.
Please take a look at the poster to see our scrumptious menu offering.
Cost – $20 per plate. $2 for bottled water/chai
  • Please maintain cleanliness at all times by disposing of your trash after eating, so that the next guest can use a clean table.  Clean your area completely of any trash or food before you leave the cafeteria.

  • During peak time/break time, expect long lines.

SAFETY/PARKING/ Information:

  • No large bags or backpacks will be permitted. If you must carry, ex: a diaper bag, expect the security to check the contents.

  • The event will be monitored by our local police at all times. Please report if you see anything suspicious.

  • Park in designated parking spaces only. Carpool if you can!


  • Please remind your entire family, that no one is allowed to wander in the school, as we do not have a permit to go beyond the perimeters established (Entry, GYM, and CAFETERIA only).

  •  Young children must be supervised at all times!

BRIC Dandiya is a community event managed completely by VOLUNTEERS. Please be considerate and cordial with all our members generously giving their time to make this event possible!! 
Have a wonderful time with your friends and we hope that you will mingle beyond your friends’ circle and make a few new friends )


Diwali 2019 – Sold Out


Dear Community,

Thank you for your overwhelming response to the community Diwali event. Due to space restrictions, we will not be able to accommodate anyone – NO WALK-INs.

  • Entry will only be permitted with tickets.
  • There will be a table at the event for existing ticket holders to renew their memberships.
  • If you have tickets and your plans have changed, please email to relinquish your spots. We would like to give your tickets to the families on the wait-list.
  • Food served will be nut-free. However, we strongly advise you to use your own judgment if your child has nut-allergies.
  • Parking spaces are limited. We strongly encourage you to carpool.

HOLI – 2019 – Schedule & Instructions

Let’s celebrate HOLI  this weekend with lots of entertainment, games, food and of course COLOR!

A few things to keep in mind for what’s sure to be one of the most colorful days this Spring!


1.   Every guest must go to the Registration desk to get their wrist band and Holi color coupon (1 coupon per ticket) before entering the grounds.

2.    Please bring your e-ticket or a printed ticket.

3.    All children must be accompanied by an adult.

4.  Absolutely NO Walk-ins!   This event is completely SOLD OUT!!   We can’t make any exceptions.

Event Schedule:

10 -11 AM: Meet and Greet

11:00-12:00 PM:  Games

12:15 PM: Holi medley from the 50s to the present time.

12:45 PM: Announcements and a special performance followed by a flash mob.

1:00 PM: Dancing continues with live singing and music. (Singers – Neha, Seshu, etc., Dhol music.

2:30-2:45 pm: Distribution of colors and Holi Color Play

3 pm: Clean Up / Wrap Up



1.   All guests MUST park in designated lots. There are 4 parking lots in Pleasant Valley Park

2.   Parking on the grass or side of the road is strictly prohibited and may be subject to ticketing and/or towing. Please note: There will be a police presence in the parking lots.

3.      Guests are strongly encouraged to CARPOOL as parking spots are limited.



2.    This is an outdoor event with expected temperatures around 65 F, dress appropriately in clothes that you want to play colors in.



  1. Bring your own lawn chairs, picnic blankets, mats, towels as needed to enjoy in the park.




  1. There will be a variety of food (Samosa, bhel, multiple dosa varieties, idli, vada, sambar, jalebi, masala chai, mango lassi, soda, etc, and some non-veg items like chicken biryani, chicken tikka, chili chicken (PLEASE BRING CASH/CHANGE for FOOD PURCHASE).




1.     There are a variety of games for Children & Adults to enjoy.

2.    Karaoke singing

3.    Flashmob/ Freestyle dancing/ Dhol

4.    Multiple vendor/ sponsor tables are present – Please visit them and learn about them.  BRIC needs their sponsorships to host these events.



1.  Make sure you collect & dispose of every plastic packet after the color play

2.   If you see a piece of trash on the grounds, please pick it up.

3.   BRIC committee counts on all of you to help us leave the park neat and tidy. Please place all trash in garbage bins and help others do the same.  We are all volunteers.  Please give us a lending hand during wrap up.  

RESTROOMS: There are two porta-potties and more restrooms near the tennis courts for everyone’s convenience.


BRIC Students Perform for the Veterans


Basking Ridge Indian Community students came together to honor and spend time with veterans at VA Medical Center in Basking Ridge on Sunday, December 16th.


View Pictures Here:

Songs like “country roads, take me home”, national anthem and John Lennon songs mesmerized the veterans who couldn’t help sway to the rhythm.


Hip-hop dancing with salutes to the veterans as a dance routine was a great way to pay tribute to all veterans who fought for us and their bravery. Everyone present enjoyed the afternoon thoroughly.


Performing for the second year, BRIC students were in full spirit of the holidays and were very successful in spreading cheer amongst the veterans. They were comfortable making conversations with them and serving them cheesecake and coffee.


A high schooler, Megana Gummadi thanked veterans for their service and made enormous contribution to our nation.

Megana said, “Without our veterans’ efforts, we would know a different America. The outcomes of the wars we fought in would be different and the reality of the world we live in today would be different.”


Diya Jain, an eighth-grader, commended the sacrifices made by the veterans.

She said, “you’ve taken on a life of hardship to bring ease to ours and fought relentlessly so we wouldn’t have to …  I thank you not for the weapons you use, but for the reason you use them. Not for your badges and medals, but for what you’ve done to earn them. Not for fighting, but for what you fight for. Your legacies will remain forever ingrained in the symbols of the United States.”


BRIC thanks Dr. Loveleen Sidhu for giving an opportunity to perform at the VA and Vandana Mehta and the team of BRIC for organizing an amazing event.

We also extend our thanks to Lux Chakrapani and Murali Rajan for providing the music, microphone system for all performances.

Participants included:

Students from William Annin Middle School :  

Suhani Jerath, Rohan Panjawani, Diya Jain, Anish Alur, Rohan Duggad, Adithya Nair, Jaiman Munshi, Maithili Ginde

Students from Ridge High School:  

Rajveer Gill, Jasmine Gill, Megana Gummadi, Kareena Swami, Sunidhi Mehta,Nishant Rajan, Janak Munshi, Akshaj Pandey

BRIC salutes all the veterans for their great service to our country.  Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year 2019. Thank you to our heroes!

Photo & Video Credit: Rakesh Dugad, Murali Rajan, Akshay Munshi


Note:  November 7th is a half day at school. Children taking off for Diwali celebrations should inform the school ahead of time.
Please let us know if you will be attending the Diwali get together by filling out the form below.
Please also fill out the cultural program participation form if you or your child/children intends to perform.

Diwali Registration Form

Cultural Program Form