Holi 2018

 Come Celebrate HOLI with the Community!

Register here:   http://payments.bricnj.com/public/schedule/events/16048-holi-2018

When: April 28, 10am-4pm

Where: Burnt Mills Park, Bedminster

9:30 am – Registration

10  -11 am – Welcome Games

11 am – 1 pm – Indian Games/Karaoke/Food for Sale

1 -2:30 pm – Dhol/Free Dance/Flash Mob/Food for Sale

2:30-3:30 pm – Holi Colors

3:30-4:30 pm – Dhol/Wrap Up


Empowering teens

Parents, want to help your children reduce stress while promoting their success? Come to this workshop led by Dr. Priyanka Upadhyaya, PsyD, who will share facts about mental health while also giving you practical tools to help your children handle stress.

The event will be held at the Bernards Town Hall in the Warren Craft Room and is open all those interested in attending.

Community Diwali Celebration October 19th 2017

REGISTER NOW . https://goo.gl/forms/X5n5JDFxvpwAfot83
Happy DIWALI wishes to you and your Family in advance!

BRIC was formed a year back with a vision of bringing the diaspora together, celebrating Indian culture and traditions, as well as coming together to give back to the community that has enriched our lives.

For the last few years the Indian community of Basking Ridge has been involved in an effort to seek Diwali as a holiday, in our school district. The Indian American population in our town is significant in number and growing. South Brunswick and Princeton Township already recognize Diwali as a holiday and sustained efforts are ongoing in many other towns across New Jersey.

It will be a matter of such Pride and Joy for our children and our community to have a day off for Diwali and celebrate with family and friends, without worrying about missing school and making up homework. More importantly, our children will feel that their culture is valued and recognized, giving them a deep sense of belonging.

The first and important step in moving forward for this effort is to show support and commitment of the entire Basking Ridge Indian community. To this end we
urge all Indian kids to take the day off from School on Diwali day (Thursday, October 19th), and celebrate the day with the community..
The last week day we celebrated Diwali (2015), 180 kids took the day off from school.

Parents can re-inforce this by also taking the day off from work and join the Diwali Community Celebrations as a Family. ALL ARE WELCOME…

BRIC Diwali 2017 Community Celebrations
Venue : The Hills Club House, 75 Hansom Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
Day/ Time : Thursday October 19th, 10 am – 3pm
Program: 10 am – Arrival and Registration (no fees to join, walk-ins allowed)
10:30am -11:00am – Lakshmi Puja
11:00am -12:30pm – Cultural programs (Sign up for Dance/singing/instruments in the below RSVP form)
12:30pm – 1:30pm – Free Lunch
1:30 – 3 pm – Arts / Crafts / Rangoli /Karoake
RSVP – Sign up NOW . https://goo.gl/forms/X5n5JDFxvpwAfot83
(Venue will be open to all till 3 pm so that families who cannot come earlier can come later to do Arati.)

Thank You!!!
BRIC Diwali 2017 committee.

DONT FORGET TO SEND A NOTE TO SCHOOL – A template is provided below:

As per the Student Handbook (link above, pg 12/13) children are allowed and “Observance of a religious holiday approved by the State Board of Education with a note from a parent” is a non-chargeable absence and will not affect the children’s overall attendance.

Oct 19th is State of NJ BOE recognized and permitted day to take the day off for Diwali for any student in NJ along with a parent note. http://www.state.nj.us/education/genfo/holidays1718.pdf
Ps: You can use the below text for October 19th leave of excused absence to school:
Email To: School Principal / Attendance Office
Subject: Request for Excused Absence for Religious Holiday Diwali – Oct 19

Dear Mr./Mrs…..,

We are celebrating our Indian Religious Diwali festival on October 19th 2017.
My son/daughter < > from Grade < > will not be attending school on the same day due to family celebrations on this occasion. Kindly excuse my child for the Religious holiday on Oct 19th from school activities.

Thank You < >
Parent Signature

BRIC 2017 1st Anniversary Souvenir